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Hogue Large OverMolded Butt Pad for Bolt Action Rifle and Shotgun Stocks

by Hogue
Price £24.99

Hogue pre-sized recoil pads are manufactured with an exclusive, recoil reducing, cushioned elastomer that is bonded to a super-rigid polymer alloy base plate. Hogue pads feature high-tech internally designed cushion construction, which is combined with a soft elastomer to produce the ultimate experience in recoil cushioning performance and control. The sleek shape of our pads is designed for use in the field where a combination of control and fast mounting is essential. Hogue pre-sized pads are molded and pre-ground to mount on a flat surface and fit most common rifles and shotguns within .05 inch for easy do-it-yourself installation, eliminating the time and expense involved with custom grinding. The Hogue pre-ground pads are prepared to fit most standard and popular rifles and shotguns. 


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