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Gear 4 Grunts

Gear for Grunts Tactical. Innovation.® (G4G) is delivering a paradigm shift in tactical gear that will revolutionize the way in which ammunition magazines are carried and loaded into a weapon. The RAMP® (Rapid Access Magazine Pod) provides the ‘Grunt’, the common infantryman, to whom G4G seeks most to support, the ability to securely carry their spare assault rifle magazines (such as the M-4 Carbine) in an optimized fashion that halves the time required to reload, while providing the operator the ability to maintain eyes on target at all times. There is also the added benefit of the RAMP’s Patented design which maintains the ammunition contained within the magazines cleaner, thus reducing the frequency of weapon malfunctions. Last, the RAMP is constructed of proven, highly durable, yet light weight, mil spec compliant materials which are able to withstand the rigors of combat.

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