Strike Industries Multi-Function End Plate and Anti-Rotation Castle Nut

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The SI Multi-Function End Plate and Anti-Rotation Castle Nut are designed to update and upgrade the often neglected castle nut and endplate system.  While the traditional endplate and castle nut works extremely well in retaining your receiver extension, the peening of the castle nut is not conducive to rebuilding.  With the vast amount of aftermarket support for the AR system today, we felt that there’s a need for a secure system as adaptive as you are.  Enter the MFEP and ACN.  The MFEP and ACN offer an anti-rotate QD socket or sling loops built in.  The Anti-Rotation Castle Nut is specifically designed to work with this end plate.  Instead of peening the endplate to secure the castle nut, a set screw fulfills this function to allow for multiple uses as you upgrade, or update your build.  

The Multi-Function End Plate is reversible, and has three integral sling mounting options.  A traditional sling loop, a loop for hook style attachments, and a QD socket gives you the flexibility in using whichever attachment you prefer.  

- 1x Multi Function Endplate
- 1x Anti-Rotation Castle Nut
- 1x Detent Set Screw (1.5MM HEX not included)
- 1x Anti-Rotation Set Screw (1.5MM HEX not included)

- Set screw to retain takedown pin and detent for ease of installation
- No peening or staking needed with the Anti-Rotation Castle Nut/End Plate design
- Anti-rotate QD socket
- Multiple sling attachment points

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