Scope Alignment System 6-12mm Wedge

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Part Number:S-SAS-0-MED-CSK-0

The original SHED Scope Levelling System (Medium)

At long last you can take the guess work out of setting your scope parallel to the scope rail with this affordable and easy gauging tool which enables rapid setup in seconds.

Simply slacken the screws off slightly so the tube can rotate in the rings with some resistance, slide the wedges into place with finger and thumb and squeeze them whilst rocking the tube, once the tube stops rocking nip the screws up very slightly remove the wedges and torque the rings down, check once more by pushing the wedges back in and hold them up to the light.

Gap range is 6-12mm, this levelling system will work with all flat based rifle scopes including Nightforce that are bolted to a common rail, the system will work with flat bottomed scopes over a round receiver as long as the top of the receiver goes over centre. It will not work with open top receivers.

Each wedge is 60mm x 30mm
Total weight: 41g

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