Ranger 2 Carbon Fibre Wide Stance Bipod

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Part Number:RGR-TACWB

Ranger 2 Wide Bipod Features;

+ Widened yoke for extra stability in long range shooting.

+ Can’t lever multi-axel system.

+ Stainless steel pivot ball.

+ 15 degree panning and cant.

+ Lever locking handle.

+ Stainless steel push button for leg deployment.

+ 304 stainless steel notch plate for greater strength .

Picatinny mounting base with stainless steel cross bolt.

Specially designed guide shaft with spring, create greater stability.

Additional 304 stainless steel tips, perfect for rough terrain.

Stainless steels angle adjustment button on legs, 5 positions bidirectional folding.

Dual locking systems – Screw lock and quick lever lock at your disposal.

Fully collapsible for packing and travel.

Adjustable thumb wheel Locking mechanism.

Stretchable legs with locking mechanism.

Adjustable thumb wheel Locking mechanism.

Non-slip & wear proof rubberised foot Pad.

Bipod weight 450gm

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