ProShot Precision Pellet Sample Pack .22

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Our ProShot Pellet Sample Pack (.22) contains sample pellets from our entire .22 pellet range. Also included is an instruction sheet on how to determine the best pellet match for your rifle or pistol and blank targets so that you can use a target per type of pellet to record grouping, accuracy etc. These packs can be sold retail or ordered from our distributors for testing purposes.

Included within this extensive sample pack are a range of pellets:

ProShot Penetrator .22

ProShot Perdere .22

ProShot Practice Heavy .22

ProShot Precision .22

ProShot Precision Air Dart .22

ProShot Precision Heavy .22

ProShot Precision Heavy Copper .22

ProShot Precision Magnum .22

ProShot Precision Pacifier .22

ProShot Predator .22

ProShot Professional Long Range .22

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