IMI Defense Soft Polymer Key-Mod Rail Cover Pack of 4 - Olive Drab Green

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Part Number:T245 - IMI-ZKRC

The IMI Defense High-quality SOFT Polymer Key-Mod SLOT Covers (set of 4 Key-Mod rail covers) is designed to cover ALL KEY-MOD SLOT TYPES. This product improves weapon control and SLOT protection by providing an any-slip surface. Easily cut for custom lengths, each panel fits 5 KEY-MOD SLOTS


Made of high-quality flexible material

Durable – highly resistant (cleaning Oils, mud, weather)

Fast assembly/disassembly

Low profile fit


Set of 4 Key-Mod Rail Covers

Made in Israel

WEIGHT 140 g

DIMENSIONS 20 × 0.59 × 0.134 cm

COLOR Olive Drab Green

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