Hogue EZG Recoil Pad Small size - Brown

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Recoil Pads

Hogue recoil pads are manufactured with an exclusive base plate material that is super-rigid and grinds easily without the cracking and checking problems that are so common with other inferior brands. Because our base plate is so strong, no wire or metal reinforcing is required, reducing the chance of delamination. The rigidity of the plate makes for a nice, tight fit to the stock without gaps caused by bending and warping. Bonded to the base plate is a modern super-soft elastomer that grinds easily and finishes cleanly. Hogue recoils pads are available as pre-ground or grind to fit. The Hogue pre-ground pads are prepared to fit most standard and popular rifles and shotguns. Our grind-to-fit pads are available in small, medium and large sizes. All Hogue pads are available in either black or brown.

Hogue Grind To Fit Recoil Pads

Hogue EZG recoil pads are manufactured with an exclusive, recoil reducing, cushioned elastomer that is bonded to a super-rigid polymer alloy base plate. Hogue pads feature high-tech internally designed cushion construction, which is combined with a soft elastomer to produce the ultimate experience in recoil cushioning performance and control. The sleek shape of our pads is designed for use in the field where a combination of control and fast mounting is essential. Our EZG recoil pads are available in three sizes and are designed to mount on a flat surface and can be ground to fit using standard disk or belt sanders. Both the cushioned rubber, and base plate, grind very cleanly and easily blend with your wood or synthetic stock--and there are no steel inserts in the way. Our grind-to-fit pads are available in small, medium and large sizes.

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