FAB Defense GL - SHOCK Tactical Buttstock with Adjustable Cheek Rest - Olive Drab Green

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M4/AR15 Shock Absorbing Buttstock W/ Pcatinny Cheek Rest

The revolutionary patented 'GL-Shock' absorbing Buttstock contains a recoil-reducing mechanism with a built in premium silicon chrome alloy spring creating a State-of-the-Art stock for your M4/M16.

Adjustable Cheek Piece with Built-In Dual Picatinny Rails allows optimal Buttstock functionality


Unique Patented “Anti-Rattle” Mechanism

Sleek New Design with No Protruding Parts, Will Not Get Caught on Gear and Webbing

Unique New Slick and Quick Operated Inversed Positioning Lever

Integral Ribbed Rubber Butt Pad with a Non Slip Design

Integrated Quick Detach “QD” Sling Swivel Connectors on Both Sides

Watertight Battery Storage for Two CR123A 3V Lithium Batteries / AA 1.5v

Fits Perfectly on Both Tubes - MIL-SPEC and Commercial Aftermarket!

Made from Mill-Spec Reinforced Composite Polymer

Adjustable Cheek Rest with Built-In Dual Picatinny Rails

Allows Optimal Buttstock Functionality

Ideal Mounting Solution for the SH-5

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