Edge Tactical Hamel Gray Wolf Thin Temple - Soft-Touch Matte Gray Frame / G-15 Vapor Shield Lenses

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Thin Temple frame, perfect to wear with helmets and ear protection.

In 1998, Edge Eyewear pioneered a new revolution to the world of personal protective equipment: Designer Quality Safety Eyewear!

Vapor Shield "Military Grade" Anti-Fog

Vapor Shield lenses are “Military Grade” Anti-Fog that is completely resistant to haze, fog and condensation in the most extreme conditions and temperatures.


Edge Eyewear is the first company ever to offer a safety-rated G-15 lens. The U.S. Air Force engineered this technology for use in aviator lenses in the 1930s for maximum transmission of green and yellow light (the spectrum best perceived by the human eye) for true to life color perception. The result is reduced strain and a noticeable cooling sensation on the eyes.

3X Anti-Scratch Protective Coating

All lenses are triple-coated with a scratch-resistant finish to ensure longevity.

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