EK Archery Kirupira Youth Compound Bow

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The Kirupira is a high quality and accurate compound bow which is ideal for junior shooters and a great way to get started in the sport of archery.

The bow is a of the compound design which means the ends of the limbs have a cam system fitted which increases the power and speed of the arrow once fired by maximising the available power in the small footprint. Another bonus of a compound bow is that once you have pulled the string back, a certain amount of tension is relieved making it easier to hold the bow whilst aiming.

The Riser of this bow is CNC machined for a high quality, smooth finish so no discomfort is caused when shooting for prolonged periods.

The Bow Package includes...

1 Pin Brass Sight

4 Pieces Arrow Quiver

3 Finger Tab

Arm Guard

2 x Fibreglass Arrows


Draw Weight: 15-20 LBS

Draw Length: 22”-24”

Brace Height: 6”

Bow Length: 34.50”

Let Off: 65%

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