EK Archery Exterminator Compound Bow - Black

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The Exterminator bow from EK Archery is a powerful, quiet, and very well made compound bow which is suited to the adult shooter of today with a draw weight of between 15 - 70lbs depending on how the bow is set up. The bow also has a let off of 75% for precise aiming once drawn.

The riser is made from high quality aluminium which is then CNC machined to ensure that the angles and lengths are very precise for a quality and solid feel at all times. Attached to this riser are the compressed fibreglass limbs which are assembled in a quad limb design to maximise power in a small footprint.

The Cams are also made from CNC machined aluminium which provides a crisp, fast, and smooth power delivery so that the best possible accuracy can be achieved.

The hunting roots of this short axle to axle compound bow show in its design. This bow is the perfect foundation to build a customized 3D shooting rig. User adjustability allows this bow to be config­ured to a wide range of draw lengths and draw weights. Forgiving and balanced, the Exterminator facilitates improvement by providing the consistency necessary to develop your skill set.


Speed: 310 FPS

Draw Length: 17”-31”

Draw Weight: 15-70 LBS

Axle to Axle: 30”

Let Off: 75%

Brace Height: 7”

Mass Weight (Bow Only): 3.6 LBS

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