EK Archery Chameleon Youth Compound Bow

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The Chameleon recurve from EK Archery is a low powered compound bow which is ideal for junior shooters to get started with a compound bow, to then progress up to a more powerful model in the future.

The draw weight of the bow is 10 - 15 lbs, and the cams have a let off of 65% which equates to a tension of 5.25lbs once the bow has been drawn. This makes it very easy and simple to aim the bow as the shooter is not struggling to hold string and concentrate on aiming at the same time.

The Riser is CNC machined for a high quality finish and appearance, and the limbs are made from compressed fibreglass. The cams on the end of these limbs have also been CNC machined from aluminium for smooth and fast power delivery.

Bow Package includes...

Bow with 1 Pin Brass Sight

Stick on Arrow Rest

Simple Quiver

3 Finger Roller


2 x 26" Fibreglass Arrows

Target Face

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