BORE TECH V-STIX, .270 CAL and up 36"

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Get the best BANG for your BUCK…

Bore Tech’s V-STIX™ have quickly become known as the best entry level, 1-piece coated cleaning rods available. Besting its competition in price and performance, the V-Stix feature color-coded, ergonomically designed, free floating ball bearing handles, a high-performance coating and a barrel safe brass tip.

The Bore Tech V-STIX™ cleaning rod line is packed with all the features, quality and performance that you have come to expect from Bore Tech. All V-STIX™ feature a durable high-performance coating, a caliber specific color coded handle and a barrel safe brass tip.

The V-STIX ergonomically designed free floating, ball bearing handles are color coded to provide quick and easy caliber recognition. The superior handle design is large enough to fit your hand but small enough not to interfere with a rifle stock.

All V-STIX have a replaceable, barrel safe brass tip that eliminates the need for additional adapters when changing between jags and brushes.

In addition, all V-STIX utilize an enhanced steel core resulting in a rigid rod that minimizes bow and flex. The steel core is coated with a high performance, uniform coating that is chemically resistant, durable and will not soften allowing bore debris to embed into the coating.

All these features and legendary Bore Tech quality packaged into an affordable cleaning rod, now there’s a winner!

Use of A Bore Tech Bore Guide or Patch Guide™ Is Strongly Recommended To Protect Your V-Stix™ and Firearm.

How To Determine The Correct Rod Length For Your Application


Q: What is the difference between the V-Stix and Proof-Positive Bore Stix?

A: There are a few distinguishable differences between the 2 rod lines. The V-Stix are a great rod for the money and have color coded, hard plastic, ball bearing handles with a durable coating and brass tip. The Proof-Positive Bore Stix are our top-of-the-line coated cleaning rods and feature the industry exclusive non brass Proof-Positive tip, unmatched, non-slip ball bearing handles and a great variety of diameter and length choices.


Q: Does the mentioned length include the handle?

A: No, the specified length is the “Working Length” of the rod and does not include the additional length of the handle. See illustration in Specifications Tab.


Q: What are the diameters of the rods?

A: The diameters for the different caliber rods are listed in the Specifications Tab.


Q: Are the rod tips male or female and what are the threads?

A: All rod tip are female and have either 5/40 or 8/32 threads. The corresponding threads are listed in the Specifications Tab.


Q: What are the handle colors of the V-Stix?

A: The handle colors are used to clearly identify what caliber(s) the V-Stix are to be used with. The corresponding caliber/handle color is displayed in the Specifications Tab.


Q: How do I clean my rod once finished cleaning my rifle?

A: When using Bore Tech cleaners, simply wipe down the rod with a damp rag or paper towel.

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