BORE TECH Proof-Positive Patch Jag .284 CAL / 7MM

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Bore Tech’s innovative Proof-Positive Rifle Patch Jags eliminate the false indication of copper fouling that is common with all traditional brass jags when using copper removing cleaners.

Constructed from a proprietary alloy and engineered to provide superior cleaning, these jags set the standard for effective, non-brass, 100% barrel safe jags. Are your barrels PROOF-POSTIVE clean?

Bore Tech’s innovative Proof-Positive Rifle Patch Jags eliminate the annoying false indication of copper fouling that is common with all traditional brass jags when using copper removing cleaners.

All Proof-Positive Rifle Patch Jags feature a proprietary alloy and secondary treatment process, making them 100% brass free and 100% barrel safe. This alloy is as soft as brass but boasts an exceptional tensile strength to prevent bending and snapping under the force of a tight patch.

Traditional brass patch jags are over 60% copper in their composition. When using effective copper removing cleaners this results in a blue copper fouling color on your patches when no copper is present in the bore. By eliminating brass accessories, shooters can effectively determine when a rifle bore is truly copper free and reduce wasted patches, chemical and time.



Featuring a dual set of 4 contact rings* for added patch contact and cleaning, the Proof-Positive Rifle Patch Jags are precision machined to strict tolerances in order to work flawlessly and provide true, concentric pressure on the barrel surface. The first ring of each set is rounded in order to allow the jag to center itself in the chamber/bore and alleviates the possibility of damage. The three subsequent rings of each set have a squared face that grabs the patch keeping it in place. In addition, the relief space between the dual set of rings acts as an extra solvent reservoir by retaining clean/unused solvent and dispensing it before the second set of rings passes. Each jag length is specifically determined based on the caliber and proper patch size necessary for cleaning. This prevents patches from bunching and jamming on the tip of the cleaning rod.

Each Proof-Positive Rifle Patch Jag features a reverse taper at the rear of the jag that provides a completely smooth, edge-free transition between the jag and rod when used with our Proof-Positive Bore Stix cleaning rods. The reverse taper prevents damage to the firearm’s crown by centering the jag and lifting the cleaning rod off the bottom of the barrel when pulling the rod back into the bore.

Finally an answer to your question, “Is my barrel clean”?

Yes, it is PROOF-POSTIVE clean!


Q: Why are my patches so tight and getting jammed in the bore?

A: There are many factors that can lead to this issue. Presuming that you are using the correct caliber jag and patch size for your application (Please consult our Patch Selection Chart) there is a simple trick to avoid this issue. A commonly overlooked solution to remedy overly tight or jammed patches is what we call “Side Spiking”. Please see our Side Spiking article located in the Knowledge Center for detailed information.


Q: Should I use an undersized jag?

A: We typically do not recommend using undersized jags. We have designed and tested our jags to ensure they work properly in their respective calibers when using the correct size Bore Tech X-Count patches.


Q: What do I clean my jags with after use?

A: When using Bore Tech Cleaners, simply use warm water. We recommend rubbing the jags between your palms while warm tap water flows over them.


Q: What thread sizes are your jags and are they male or female ended?

A: All Bore Tech jags are male ended and have the thread pitch listed under the Specifications Tab on the respective product page.


Q: Why do my patches always turn blue when using Eliminator Bore Cleaner?

A: Eliminator or any other cleaner that is designed to remove copper fouling will attack all brass jags and remove the copper within the jag. To avoid this false indication of copper fouling in the bore, we recommend using our Proof-Positive Jags with all copper removing cleaners.


Q: Do I have to unscrew my jag before pulling my rod back through the bore to prevent damage?

A: A crown is not compromised nor accuracy affected by pulling a properly designed jag back through the bore. We take great care during our design process to make sure our jags have a flush, edge free transition when used in conjunction with the correct Bore Tech cleaning rod. Again, when used with the correct rod and in a proper manner our jags are 100% barrel safe.


Q: Are the Proof-Positive jags barrel safe?

A: All Proof-Positive Patch Jags feature a proprietary alloy that is as soft as brass and100% barrel safe.


Q: What is the difference between the 22 Rimfire and 22Centerfire Jags?

A: The 22 Rimfire jag has 2 bands of knurling instead of the two bands of rings at the head of the jag. Many Rimfire shooters like to wrap patches around the jag instead of spiking them. The knurling allows the shooter to choose between wrapping and spiking the patch. Both jags can be used on either 22 rimfire or centerfire barrels.

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