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Bore Tech’s versatile Polymer Cleaning Pick isyour go-to cleaning tool for all those hard to reach areas on your firearm. These picks are perfect for cleaning every last bit of dirt, debris and fouling without the risk of damaging surface finishes. The multipurpose tool features a flat tapered end and an angled end which flawlessly clean even the smallest and tightest areas.

The Bore Tech Polymer Cleaning Pick is ideal for cleaning:


AR Upper & Lower Receivers

Trigger Groups

AR Bolt Carrier Group


Flash Hiders / Compensators

Pistol Slides

Small Recesses & Channels


Molded from reinforced polyamides, these tools can withstand years of heavy use and harsh chemicals without the worries of scratching or marring finished surfaces. The textured ergonomic design inspired by the iconic AR-15 handguard, provides precision control even in the messiest of situations. 

 With an infinite number of uses, the Bore Tech PolymerCleaning Pick is a must have in every shooter’s toolbox.

It’s time to get Picky about Cleaning…….

Bore Tech - Redefining Gun Care
Proudly made in the USA


Polymer Cleaning Pick

Pick Length: 7”
Grip: 3/8” Dia.
Material: Reinforced Engineering Grade Polymer


Bore Tech Polymer Cleaning Pick Use Instructions

1. With either wet or dry patches, use the Cleaning Pick to manipulate and maneuver patches around the area to be cleaned.

2. Continue cleaning area as necessary until complete.

3. When finished, clean pick before storage.


Q: Will the Polymer Cleaning Pick scratch my firearm?

A: The reinforced polyamides used to mold the pick are designed to not scratch finished surfaces when used with normal force/pressure to scrape at debris. We recommend using a patch treated with the proper Bore Tech Cleaner to more easily remove stubborn fouling.

Q: What do I clean my Polymer Cleaning Pick with after use?

A: When using Bore Tech Cleaners, simply use warm water.  We recommend rubbing the pick between your palms while warm tap water flows over it.

Q: Will ammonia based cleaners harm my Polymer Cleaning Pick?

A: The reinforced engineering polyamides used to mold the pick are designed to withstand harsh ammoniated chemicals. It is advised to clean the pick after use before storage.

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