BORE TECH Nylon Rifle Brush .44 / .45 CAL 3 Piece

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Bore Tech’s Proof-Positive Nylon Bore Brushes eliminate the false indication of copper fouling found with traditional bronze brushes and copper removing cleaners. With twice the amount of oversized bristles, double wound cores, looped ends and barrel safe studs these brushes are exceptionally ridged and provide safe and effective scrubbing action all while setting the standard for nylon brushes.

Bore Tech’s Proof-Positive Nylon Bore Brushes are 100% barrel safe and set the benchmark for all other nylon brushes. This is due to the superior construction and engineered features that are incorporated into each and every brush.

Unlike phosphor bronze bristled brushes, our premium Proof-Positive Nylon Bore Brushes are strongly recommend when using fast acting copper removing cleaners such as our Eliminator Bore Cleaner or Cu+2 Copper Remover. This is due to the fact that traditional phosphor bronze brushes contain over 90% copper in their composition and will turn patches blue when in contact with most copper removing cleaners. With barrel safe, non-brass cores and threads Bore Tech’s Proof-Positive Nylon Bore Brushes are not affected by copper removing cleaners and will eliminate blue patches and the false indication of copper fouling that is associated with traditional phosphor bronze brushes.



All Proof-Positive Nylon Bore Brushes have twice the amount of extra ridged nylon bristles and each caliber has specifically tailored bristle diameters resulting in double the scrubbing action and faster cleaning.

Each non brass, double wound brush core has a looped end eliminating the sharp cut ends found on many other low quality brushes. This attention to detail along with aircraft grade aluminum studs are all necessary to produce an effective, long lasting, high quality nylon bore brush for your rifle.

The .17 and .20 caliber rifle brushes are shortened 1 inch in length to lessen the necessary force required to push a brush through the bore. This helps diminish cleaning rod flex that can result in cleaning rod and barrel damage.

Bore Tech’s Proof-Positive Nylon Rifle Bore Brushes are available in Single Packs and Three Packs ranging from .17 to .50 caliber.

Eliminate the confusion and be 100% Proof-Positive that your rifle barrels are free of copper fouling.

Bore Tech - Redefining Gun Care
Proudly made in the USA

Proof-Positive Nylon Rifle Bore Brushes

Rifle Brushes

.17 & .20 Cal

.22 Cal - .50 Cal

Brush Threads

Male 5/40

Male 8/32

Brush Length

1 ½ inches

2 ½ inches


Looped End, Double Wound Alloy

Looped End, Double Wound Alloy


Aircraft Grade Aluminum

Aircraft Grade Aluminum


Proof-Positive Nylon Rifle Bore Brushes Use Instructions

1. Screw brush onto Rod

2. Wet brush with cleaning solvent

3. Make 6-12 passes down length of barrel

4. Reapply cleaning solvent and continue to brush as necessary

5. When finished, clean brushes before storage.


Q: What do I clean my brushes with after use?

A: When using Bore Tech Cleaners, simply use warm water. We recommend rubbing the brushes between your palms while warm tap water flows over them.

Q: Why do my patches always turn blue when using your brushes with Eliminator Bore Cleaner?

A: Eliminator or any other cleaner that is designed to remove copper fouling will attack all bronze brushes and remove the copper within the bristles. To avoid this false indication of copper fouling in the bore, we recommend using our Proof-Positive Nylon Brushes with all copper removing cleaners.

Q: Do I have to unscrew my brushes before pulling my rod back through the bore to prevent damage to the crown?

A: We have been cleaning barrels since 1997 and have never had a crown compromised or accuracy affected by pulling a brush back through the bore. With our properly designed brushes and when used in a proper manner our brushes are 100% barrel safe.

Q: Will the core of the brush harm my barrel?

A: With our properly designed brushes and when used in a proper manner our brushes are 100% barrel safe.

Q: What thread sizes are your brushes and are they male or female ended?

A: All Bore Tech brushes are male ended and have the thread pitch listed under the Specifications Tab on the respective product page.

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