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Bore Tech’s RIMFIRE, BOLT ACTION BORE GUIDES precisely align cleaning rods with the bore & prevent damage to your firearm & cleaning rod. The solvent resistant, synthetic polymer guides are custom made specific to the rifle model/caliber and feature integrated solvent ports for easy solvent application.

Please rod length requirements in the Specification Tab to ensure proper fitment.

Bore Tech’s RIMFIRE, BOLT ACTION BORE GUIDES precisely align cleaning rods with the rifle bore and prevent damage to both the firearm and cleaning rod making it a necessary tool for proper cleaning and protection.

The Bore Tech Rimfire Bore Guides are CNC machined from a rugged, solvent resistant, synthetic polymer that perfectly aligns cleaning rods with the bore and prevents cleaning rods from dragging along the ejector. This eliminates scratching of your cleaning rod and wear on the ejector. Each guide is designed to seat against the rear of the barrel/chamber and minimizes cleaners from leaking into the action. Featuring a tapered rear opening for easy jag/brush alignment and a widened solvent port for easy solvent application these guides will provide a lifetime of use.

All Rimfire Bore Guides are custom made specific to the rifle model/action. This ensures a precise fit and avoids interference from ejectors, trigger sears and bolt releases.

Bore Tech stocks Bore Guides to fit most popular .17 and .22 caliber Rimfire, bolt action rifles. Please contact Customer Service to inquire about custom made Rimfire Bore Guides.

Bore Tech - Redefining Gun Care

Proudly made in the USA


Rimfire Bore Guide Length: 10.5 Inches

Bore Tech Rimfire Bore Guides will add approximately 10.5 inches to the length of the barrel when cleaning. Make sure your cleaning rod is long enough to accommodate.

Bore Tech Rimfire Bore Guide Use Instructions

1) Remove bolt as per manufacturer’s instructions.

2) Insert Bore Guide through the receiver until seated against the base of the chamber.

3) Position a dry patch of the proper size on a jag and insert the rod/jag into the rear opening of the bore guide until viable in the solvent port.

4) Apply cleaner or oil to the patch and push through the bore.

5) The solvent port may also be used to apply cleaner to brushes.

6) To remove the Bore Guide from the action, pull the guide back away from the chamber and out of the action.

NOTE: For Rimfire actions with exposed bolt releases/sears it may be necessary to pull the trigger while attempting to remove the guide. This releases the pressure against the guide allowing it to be easily removed.


Q: Will these Bore Guides work on centerfire rifles?

A: No, these guides only fit specific rimfire, bolt action rifles. Please see our Centerfire Bore Guides for this application.


Q: What length rod do I need to use with this Bore Guide?

A: Please see our Knowledge Center for assistance in determining the proper rod length for your application.


Q: How long are the Bore Guides?

A: The Rimfire Bore Guides are approximately 10.5 inches in length.

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