BORE TECH AR10 Complete Receiver Cleaning Kit

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Bore Tech is proud to introduce the patent pending AR Complete Receiver Cleaning Kits. They are the industry’s most innovative and comprehensive kits specifically engineered for precision cleaning of AR upper and lower receivers. Featuring professional grade tools, these kits simply and effectively reduce cleaning time and provide a spotless upper & lower receiver. Available for both the AR-15 and AR-10 platforms.

ARs are notorious for collecting brass shavings, powder residue, debris, oil, grease, and solvents in the barrel extension, upper & lower receiver, and trigger group.  This accumulation of debris can cause operational malfunctions and increase wear on your bolt, bolt carrier, trigger group, and receiver. In the past, these areas have been difficult or impossible to properly clean. Not anymore! The AR Complete Receiver Cleaning Kits were designed to provide all the necessary, best performing, professional grade tools in a single convenient easy to use kit.

The unique AR Receiver Cleaning Kitcenters around the exclusive, patent pending cross shaped Barrel Extension Wiper, circular shaped Upper Receiver Wiper and the multipurpose Bolt and Carrier Cleaning Tool.

The cross shaped Barrel Extension Wiper eliminates clumsy dental rolls and ineffective felts that fall off, barely clean, and pack full of fouling rending them useless. With Bore Tech’s Barrel Extension Wiper, simply spike a patch over the wiper and observe how the flexible rubber fingers compress as they pass through the locking lugs and spring open once inside the barrel extension providing a thorough and complete cleaning.

The same principle is utilized with the circular shaped Upper Receiver Wiper. Spike a patch over the wiper and watch how it perfectly conforms to the receiver walls for a thorough and complete cleaning every time.

The multipurpose Bolt and Carrier Cleaning Tool can handle everything from extreme fouling to light cleanings. The frontend of the tool focuses on the stubborn carbon buildup inside of the carrier while the backend focuses on the carbon buildup found on the bolt tail. Two professional cleaning tools in one easy to use, ergonomic handle.

Use the frontend of the Bolt and Carrier Cleaning Tool to loosen the bulk carbon with the 100% safe Carrier Scraper.  Then loop the provided green cleaning pads through the tool and use them inside the carrier to perfectly clean away any remaining carbon. Dry the carrier following the same steps with the provided patches. The tool also features an incorporated firing pin scraper for removing the fouling under the firing pin retaining ring.

The same detailed cleaning technique is applied to the backend of the Bolt and Carrier Cleaning Tool.  The integrated, 100% safe bolt tail scraper easily removes stubborn carbon fouling. Then follow with the provided green cleaning pads for a perfect cleaning. Finally dry with patches in the same fashion and you are done. It is that easy!

The 14 Piece Kit cleans:

  • Patent Pending Molded Rubber Wipers Rapidly Clean/Dry Barrel Extension & Upper Using Included Patches
  • Exclusive Combination Bolt and Carrier Tool Easily Scrapes, Cleans, and Dries Bolt & Bolt Carrier Using Included Green Cleaning Pads & Patches
  • Reinforced Polymer Cleaning Pick Safely Cleans Hard To Reach Areas such as the Charging Handle Recess and Trigger Group
  • Polymer Rod Guide Effectively Stabilizes The 9” Non-Rotating Rod & Prevents Rod From Contacting Upper
  • Proof-Positive® Brushes & Loop Quickly Loosen & Clean Stubborn Fouling in the Chamber and Upper

Available for both .223/5.56mm AR-15 & .308/7.62mm AR-10 Platforms

 Choose the best… Choose the Bore Tech AR Complete Receiver Cleaning Kit

Bore Tech - Redefining Gun Care
Proudly made in the USA

AR Complete Receiver Cleaning Kit

Packaging: Clear Plastic Case w/ Foam Cut Out
Dimensions: 27.5” x 1.75” x 1.75”

Polished Stainless Steel Rod

Molded Rubber Barrel Extension Wiper

Polymer Rod Collar

Molded Rubber Upper Receiver Wiper

Bolt Carrier Cleaning Tool

Proof-Positive Chamber Brush

Bolt Tail Cleaning Tool

Proof-Positive Upper Brush

Polymer Cleaning Pick

Proof-Positive Chamber Loop

X Count Cotton Patches

Cotton Cleaning Swabs

Green CLeaning Pads

Double Ended Nylon Gun Brush


Rod Length: 9”
Rod Diameter: 0.250”
Rod Thread Pitch: 8/32 Female Threads;
Recommended For Use with: Bore Tech C4 Carbon Remover (Not Included)


Q: Will harsh chemicals harm the rubber wipers?

A: No, the rubber compound used for molding the wipers is extremely chemically resistant. However, we still recommend cleaning the wipers after use with water.

Q: What is the recommended patch size for my AR?

A: 2½” Round Bore Tech X-Count Patches for the AR-15 2¾” Round Bore Tech X-Count Patches for the AR-10

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