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Bore Tech’s Rimfire Action Cleaning Tool Kit is the industry’s most innovative and effective action cleaning tool specifically engineered for meticulous cleaning of a rimfire bolt action rifle’s chamber, throat, and action.

Rimfire ammo is inherently dirty resulting in the accumulation of lead, wax, and powder fouling  in the action, throat and chamber areas of a rimfire rifle.  This accumulation eventually causes operational malfunctions and decrases accuracy. In the past, these areas have been difficult to properly clean/dry and are often neglected. Not anymore!

Traditional fixed cleaning rods are too large in diameter to successfully fit around the ejector found inside of rimfire actions. Our 20” long, polished stainless steel rod is machined with a smaller diameter allowing for it to safely pass the ejector without causing any damage.

The Proof-Positive Nylon Chamber Brush is 100% barrel safe and has twice the amount of extra rigid bristles resulting in double the scrubbing power and faster cleaning of the chamber and throat.

The Polymer Cleaning Pick and Double Ended Nylon Gun Brush are perfect for removing fouling from the bolt face and back of the barrel, as well as other hard to reach spots inside of the action.

The Bolt Action Rimfire Cleaning Tool features:


20” Polished Stainless Steel Rod that keeps the rod handle behind the stock. This prevents interference with a high cheek piece and keeps hands from hitting the rifle stock. This rod has a smaller diameter than the centerfire version to allow it to effectively maneuver around the ejector arm inside of rimfire actions.

Proof-Positive Nylon Chamber Brush effectively cleans the entire chamber and throat area of fouling.

Polymer Cleaning Pick allows for detailed cleaning of the bolt face, breech area and other hard to reach spots inside of the action without any risk of damage to any surfaces.

Chamber Mop cleans and dries the chamber of any remaining fouling/solvent.

Why settle for anything less than perfection?  Choose the best… Choose the Bore Tech Rimfire Action Cleaning Tool Kit.

Bore Tech - Redefining Gun Care
Proudly made in the USA


Rimfire Action Cleaning Tool Kit


Packaging: Clear Screw Top Plastic Tube w/ Hang Hole
Dimensions: 27.5” x 1.75” x 1.75”

Polished Stainless Steel Rod

Proof-Positive Nylon Chamber Brush

Nylon Gun Brush

Polymer Cleaning Pick

Cotton Chamber Mop

Screw Top Tube w/ Hang Hole


Rod Length: 20”
Rod Diameter: 0.201”
Rod Thread Pitch: 8/32 Female Threads


Bore Tech Action Cleaning Tool Use Instructions

1)      First, wet the chamber mop with cleaner and insert into chamber and throat. Rotate mop to remove loose fouling.

2)      Second, wet brush chamber and throat areas with provided Nylon Chamber Brush. For extremely fouled situations, additional brushing will be necessary.

3)      Allow cleaner to soak for 3-5 minutes. For extremely fouled situations, exteneded soak times will be necessary.

4)      Next, use a clean/dry mop to remove all cleaner and loosened fouling in chamber and throat areas. Be sure to completely dry the chamber area.

5)      Finally, clean and dry the bolt face, rear of barrel and action using the provided Nylon Double Ended Gun Brush and Polymer Cleaning Pick.

Don’t forget to apply our Extreme Grease HD to the back of the bolt lugs and shroud.

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