ALOCS Camping Tea Kettle & Alcohol Stove Set

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Convenient to carry for outdoor activities.

Great for outdoor travelling, picnic, camping, hiking etc.

The modern design of the pot lid includes a bright coloured, anti-scalding, bionic shark fin.

Ribbed design of the kettle bottom provides anti-slip functionality, and ensures even heating.

Made of ultralight aluminium, the surface of the kettle has been anodized to give the kettle anti-scratch and corrosion-resistant performance.

The kettle adopts the short spout design, which is super convenient to carry.

Model: CW-K04-PRO

Material: Aluminium

Colour: Black

Volume: 1.4L

Bracket height: 85mm

Kettle size: 150*150*100mm

Package Included:

1 x 1.4L Water Kettle

1 x Alcohol Stove

1 x Bracket

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