5pcs Mini Crankbait Fishing Lure Set 2.8cm 1.6g

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Mini Crankbait 5pcs Fishing Lures 2.8cm 1.6g Topwater Artificial Hard Bait Minnow Swimbait Wobblers Fishing Lure Set

PCs /box - It's a pretty versatile lure and nice that they come in a pack of five natural colours with a pretty nice plastic snap case.

It's a good mix Colours for both clean or dirty water.

Topwater Lures  - top water or wake type baits, if you reel them quickly they dive down about 3ft to 6ft in calm water.

Rattle and hook - with sharp hook but it's pretty light .

With steel ball inside

Ideal for targeting perch, pike, trout.

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