5 piece 3 - 14 cm Sinking Wobbler Lure Set RW26

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Package contents 5PCS jointed fishing lures

1 x 3 cm Lure

1 x 3.6 cm Lure

1 x 10 cm Lure

1 x 12 cm Lure

1 x 14 cm Lure

Snap Links x 5.

3D realistic looking eyes and body make it irresistible to predator fish.

The body pieces are connected with textile fabrics which allows this lure to wiggle from side to side like a real fish would swim.

Built in Ball - Raises the casting distance and produces sound that attracts the big predators.

Streamlined Design reduces wind resistance during throwing.

Fishing Lures Kit is designed for Bass, Pike, Perch and Trout fishing, Deadly on Bass, Trout, Walleye, Pike and Salmon.

Perfect for ocean boat fishing, rock fishing, beach fishing, lake, river, reservoir, pond and stream.

12 months warranty on all of our products.

Diving depth: Slow Sinking

Hook: Chemically Sharpened Hook

Material: ABS Plastic, Steel Wire, 3D Eyes


5 x Lures

5 x Snap Links: 3.5cm/1.37in

1 x Lure Box

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